Brooklyn Beauty Bar

30 Min Express Beauty Menu


Lash Tint

$20 (10 mins)

Brow Tint

$20 (10 mins)

Brookie Brows (Sculpt and Tint)

$50 (20 mins)

Executive Brows (Sculpt, Tint and Lash Tint)

$65 (30 mins)

Brow and Face wax/thread (Brow sculpt, lip, chin and sides of face)

$78 (25 mins)

Add Brow Tint


Add Lash Tint



Brow Tidy

$15 (10 mins)

Brow Sculpt

$25 (20 mins)

Ear Wax

$12 (5 mins)

Nose Wax

$12 (5 mins)

Men's Monthly Maintenance (brow sculpt, nose, ears and neck)

$45 (25 mins)

Back Wax

from $39 (20 mins)

Chest Wax

from $39 (30 mins)



$12 (5 mins)


$12 (5 mins)

Full Leg

$60 (25 mins)

3/4 Leg

$50 (20 mins)

1/2 Leg

$40 (15 mins)


$35 (10 mins)


$40 (20 mins)


$60 (15-30 mins)


$20 (10 mins)

Full Arm

$40 (20 mins)

3/4 Arm

$35 (15 mins)

1/2 Arm

$30 (15 mins)


File Buff Strengthener (file, buff, cuticles tidied and clear strengthener)

$30 (25 mins)

Express Manicure (file, buff, cuticles tidied and painted)

$40 (30 mins)

Add Gel Polish

$10 (10 mins)


1/4 Set Extensions (with lash tint)

$69 (30 mins)

Great for a tame, yet exotic eye flick with colour depth. This is great for people who want to minimise mascara.

1/2 Set Extensions (no lash tint)

$85 (30 mins)

These lashes are placed from mid to ends or scattered evenly across every 3rd lash for a more fuller lash look.


Glow and Go Hydration Facial

$60 (25 mins)

Double cleanse, double exfoliant, hydrating mask and moisture protectant.

Express Herbal Peel

$129 (25 mins)

Completely natural with no synthetic acids. Refines, purifies and makes your skin glow.


Glamour Eyes

$45 (25 mins)

Includes eye concealer, smokey eye, winged eyeliner and mascara.

Makeup Express

$69 (30 mins)

Primer, light/medium coverage foundation, eyeliner soft definition of eyes, mascara, cheek rouge and with a soft blurring powder finish.

Add Glamour Lashes

$20 (10 mins)

All Virgin employees will be allocated a VIP Corporate Beauty Card. This card will allow any employee to receive 15% off other full priced services at any Brooklyn Beauty Bar salon location in Brisbane.

Discounts not included on cosmetic injectables, products, online purchasing from, or any other gift card purchases.

N.B Prices are based on 15% off full priced Brooklyn Beauty Bar services. Pricing for Virgin Aust. Brisbane employees only, must show proof of employment.